Selected Work


These custom, wood burned skateboards were created for a local charity event, where participants are asked to create one-of-a-kind pieces to be donated and auctioned off in support of Hope Mission.

Created for DDB° Share, Photography: N. Winski

Tegler Youth Centre Mural

As a way to create a positive and inspiring environment for the kids of the Tegler Youth Centre (Hope Mission), we invited the youth to help create and install a 350 square foot mural for the centre's indoor skatepark.

Created for Tegler Youth Centre, Videography: Daelan Wood

Chvrch of John Mural

Invested in local art and design, The Chvrch of John commissioned a 380 square foot mural for its updated confessional space. The Ernest Hemingway quote was chosen for the patrons to reflect and bond over its message.

Created for Chvrch of John, Videography: Daelan Wood

EIA Annual Report - Bucket L15t

Every year EIA sets goals and works with their passengers, partners and businesses to achieve them. Each report was wrapped in a map with accompanying pins to allow readers to pin their bucket list destinations.

Created at DDB° Canada, Illustrations: Neil Stevens

DDB° Kudos Cards

Late nights. Rush projects. Big wins. Each day, there are reasons to thank DDB's employees. These cards were designed to express DDB's true, unadulterated feelings, no matter the reason to say thanks. 

Created at DDB° Canada

Ice District Branding

ICE District is a larger-than-life development in the heart of downtown Edmonton. With a combination of vibrant colours, captivating imagery, and a unique tone of voice, ICE District's pulsating energy is brought to life.

Created at DDB° Canada, Design: Adnan Huseinovic, ICE District logo by KDA


Logos and wordmarks for various local, national and international companies, including: West Edmonton Mall, Altai (Other Studio, unused), Volunteer Alberta, Alberta Hospitality Safety Association, and the City of Edmonton.

Created for Various

Art on the Block - Mayhem

For the Art Gallery of Alberta's annual silent auction event, the heart-pounding excitement was captured by way of surreal imagery and typography. It’s three hours of civility — five minutes of mayhem.

Created at DDB° Canada, Illustrations: Mathis Rekowski

Edmonton Tower Facade

Over 300 Ombrae wall panels create the facade on the north and south sides of Edmonton Tower. With each step you take, the athlete’s image moves and changes – a visual representation of a performer’s energy.

Created at DDB° Canada, Photography: Bluefish

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